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Kosta Boda

Drifter Blue Boat

2 500 SEK

Drifter express simplicity and space with a figure in copper floating freely in its vessel. Drifter is Bertil Valliens latest shape for his vehicles with the black / white glass spiral which Bertil often returns to. Drifter has a cast heel which makes it stand firmly without a stand.

Design: Bertil Vallien

Length: 28 cm

Height: 4.5 cm

Width: 4 cm

Drifter uttrycker enkelhet och rymd med en inneslutande figur i koppar som flyter fritt i sin farkost. Drifter är Bertil Valliens senaste form för sina farkoster med den svart/vita glasspiralen som Bertil ofta återkommer till. Drifter har en gjuten klack som gör att den står stadigt utan ställning.

Bertil Vallien

Designed by Bertil Vallien

Bertil Vallien has since 1963 worked at Kosta Glassworks and made himself world famous both as a designer and glass artist. He is internationally renowned, holds several design and art awards, and his work is represented in the most prestigious museums around the world.

„For me, the blowing room is the centre of everything. It’s like ladling matter out of a volcano and watching the glowing lava turn to ice. Knowing the exact moment at which to capture a shift of light or expression and wrench the secret from the glass is what it’s all about.“

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