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Picnic was an immediate success when the series originally launched in the radical 1960s. Contempt prevailed for the bourgeois demand for large tableware sets; people preferred to drink straight from the bottle or from simple drinking glasses.

“I made Picnic to be a simple glass, with no stem or foot in the usual sense. The shape and concept result in a refined glass. The stout stem holds liquid all the way to the foot, giving the entire glass the color of the drink to hold onto. That makes the glass feel more festive than an ordinary drinking glass, and it also works well for serving milk on an ordinary Tuesday. With its spout, the carafe has a small curl that creates a birdlike appearance, lending it personality and character. The series feels highly relevant once again, and it is time now for a new generation to experience and delight in the line that was in so many homes in the late 60s. Back to basics.”

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