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Informal is a contemporary series of functional glass that fits equally well into formal and everyday settings. The series is designed by Björn Dahlström, whose background is in furniture and industrial design.

“I viewed the process as an industrial design project, where each part of the glass was deconstructed, analyzed and reworked into a new whole. The bowl at the bottom of the wine glass cup is wide to maximize the contact of the drink with oxygen. The relatively open cup is a lovely design detail, but it’s also better suited emotionally to non-alcoholic drinks. The champagne glass is a detour from the square element of the series, standing out with its fluted shape. The short stem harmonizes beautifully with the other pieces in the series and means you automatically pick up the glass by the cup, which is good for balance and for mingling. The carafe has a distinctive character, with colorful glass and a prominent spout. The little bowl is ideal for use as a base, or for serving some kind of appetizer.”

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What is the story of Nordic Designs Stockholm?

Nordic Designs Stockholm is a vendor for high quality design products with a strong focus on nordic brands and swedish glass. In our local store as well as in our online shop we aim to bring you great design and something for every taste and personal style.

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Shipping costs start at just 29 SEK and it is completely free for almost all orders above 499 SEK in Sweden. The costs vary depending on the size of your selection. Final shipping costs are calculated in the checkout process.

Which products are available at Nordic Design Stockholm?

We have a great collection of different products. Our clients particularly love the wide range of glassware from sweden. Our small gifts collection, decoration pieces and serveware collections are also very popular.

Which Designers are available at Nordic Design Stockholm?

In our shop we feature very popular designers like Bertil Vallien, Kjell Engman, Lena Bergström, Bengt Elde and many others.

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You can use all your favorite payment methods. We accept credit cards, PayPal, Klarna, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Bancontact, iDeal and Shop Pay.