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Kosta Boda

Look LTD

A new member of the Brains family, decorative collector’s items intended for wall mounting with the included stainless steel clamp. Shaped by hand in the hot shop, then cut and polished. ”Look In” has a cut-glass “window” which invites the viewer to look in. Paint and silver leaf are applied to the finished head. 

Design: Bertil Vallien

Limited Edition: 1000 pcs

Height: 13.5 cm

Width: 8.5 cm

En utveckling av familjen Brains, dekorativt samlarobjekt som lätt kan fästas på vägg med medföljande rostfri klammer. Frihands arbete på pipan kombineras med gjutning för att sedan slipas och poleras för hand. ”Look in” har ett slipat ”fönster” som ger en möjlighet att titta in. Färg och bladsilver appliceras på det färdigformade huvudet. 

Design: Bertil Vallien

Limiterad Upplaga: 1000 bitar

Höjd: 13.5 cm

Bredd: 8.5 cm

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Bertil Vallien

Designed by Bertil Vallien

Bertil Vallien has since 1963 worked at Kosta Glassworks and made himself world famous both as a designer and glass artist. He is internationally renowned, holds several design and art awards, and his work is represented in the most prestigious museums around the world.

„For me, the blowing room is the centre of everything. It’s like ladling matter out of a volcano and watching the glowing lava turn to ice. Knowing the exact moment at which to capture a shift of light or expression and wrench the secret from the glass is what it’s all about.“