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Difference Rich

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Beställningsvara - leverans sker i Mars 2021.

When the red wine subsequently matures, its character is broadened with a number of secondary aromas. The character of the grape is toned down and soil and vinifaction come to the fore instead. The juicy fruit fades into a broad register with hints of leather and flowers, earth and truffle. Difference Rich accentuates the bouquet of the mature wine, making it more accessible and richer in refinement thanks to the fact that the large area of the glass allows the wine to breathe deeply. Flavor categories: All wines with maturity, primarily those from Bourgogne, Bordeaux and Rioja, as well as classic vinified, long-lived red wines in full bloom.

Design: Erika Lagerbielke

Height: 24 cm

CL: 65


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