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Kosta Boda

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Kjell Engman often draws inspiration from the musical world and is well known for his instruments collection. Where each piece has its own distinct look and pays hommage to a certain type of genre. They invoke a feeling that not only showcases the beauty of the music but also the handicraft that goes into casting glass. 

The sculpture is delivered with a LED lightbase.

Limited Edition of 100 pcs.

Design: Kjell Engman

Height: 34 cm

Width: 13 cm


7 000 SEK

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Kjell Engman

Designed by Kjell Engman

Kjell Engman is at the height of his creative powers. His infinite fantasy and storytelling transforms into wonderful collections and art glass. With a background as a professional guitarist in the seventies, Kjell Engman finds his inspiration in music. He also draws inspiration from the animal kingdom, and the elements of light and sound are always a part of his design process and art installations. Kjell Engman is frequently engaged in public artworks throughout the world.